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Popular female streamer banned for wearing revealing outfit during livestream

Female streamer who is quite popular on Twitch going by the nameof “Qugco” recently received a ban from the platform following a wardrobe malfunction during one of her livestreams.

Although, Twitch did not inform her about the exact reason for her ban, her fans have pointed out that it might be due to the revealing outfit she wore during her May 26th livestream on the platform.

“Sorry for being a problematic streamer,” she wrote on her Twitter. “I’ll be back on Thursday.”

To clarify the matter, she explained, “For context, my cleavage was too wildin’, and I always wear pasties for stream.”

She took a few potshots at Hottub streamers who she feels reveal way more than her during livestreams. “I didn’t show as much as a hot tub streamer does, but I guess I should’ve had a hot tub in the background in order for it to be ok,” Quqco said.

Her fans felt the ban was unfair and were supportive of her. Thankfully, the ban was temporary and she is now back on the platform.